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1:40,5 gallery

As part of her artistic practice, Winnie Claessens runs 1:40.5 Gallery since September 2020. As the name suggests, this gallery is a model on scale 1:40.5 of Fred&Ferry Gallery. It was also shown in the office space there. Claessens built the mini-gallery and, after an open call, selected  artists for a solo exhibition. These artists were given carte blanche: the invitation and challenge was precisely to rethink exhibition practices, averse to production or financial feasibility - anything was possible in the world of the model. In line with her practice, 1:40.5 gallery functioned as Claessens's own utopian project about a shared, scaled down imagination.

In her solo exhibition in 2021, she consolidated all the displays, forming a tower of miniature exhibitions.


The past exhibitions were:


#1 Karina Beumer, “Some, or all, have been a projection of Uhl’s mind”, 06.09-10.10.2020

#2 Elleke Frijters, “I never promised you a rosegarden”, 25.10-28.11.2020

#3 Rien Schellemans & Gijs Waterschoot, “Fruit en notes”, 14.02-20.03.2021

#4 Winnie Claessens, “The truth is out there”, 13.05-04.07.2021

#5 Winnie Claessens, “The pool edition” , 05.09-09.10.2021

#6 Gunther Segers, “Bottom’s up”, 24.10-28.11.2021

#7 Ludivine Thomas Anderson, “Reluctor et emergo”, 05.12.2021-22.01.2022

#8 Ben Van den Broeck, “Reprojection1”, 06.02-12.03.2022

#9 Kasper De Vos, “Beams & Dreams”, 03.04-07.05.2022

Text by Eline Verstegen

Photos by Tomas Uyttendaele 

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