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Bottom's up -
Gunther Segers

In my artistic practice, I (1999, BE) respond to primitive needs without fear of mocking myself or the world around
me. While my works are not intended to be purely sexual, there are many references to the phallus. However, the phallic form does not refer to the gender “man”. It refers to me, a human being. My work, filled with self-reflection and
honesty, does not shy away from being the devil’s advocate either. As a young artist I’m somewhat pushed towards residency’s by my environment. By not making a pre chewed plan beforehand this will allow me to use my full artistic freedom within the space. In my artistic practice I often start in an
empty space that I will want to fill up. In the past these spaces have ranged from studio spaces, exhibition spaces,
selfmade maquettes to even cardboard boxes.
The smaller the space the bigger the dreams.
Like myself, my work is also open to debate.

Text by Gunther Segers

Photo by Tomas Uyttendaele

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