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Fruit en notes
Rien Schellemans & Gijs Waterschoot

14.02.2021 - 20.03.2021

Rien Schellemans (Bruges, 1994) and Gijs Waterschoot (Soest, Germany, 1990) met during their studies at the KASK Antwerp. In 2017, they spontaneously started collaborating on an organically growing project involving contextual climbs, wire conventions, jam, and yodel concerts. Since March 2020, there has been a distance of over 2222 km (Antwerp - Syros) between them. However, this does not prevent them from continuing their collaboration.

To this day, the two artists share their studios through postal orders, WeTransfers, and Skype conversations. Their artistic practice encompasses an expanding register that goes beyond the visual realm and increasingly focuses on written and spoken word, sound, movement, and the interaction between themselves and their environment.

With "Fruit and notes," Gijs Waterschoot and Rien Schellemans present an incomplete overview of proposals and ideas for a possible presentation. When engaged in dialogue, they quickly generate numerous associations. With this installation, they challenge expectations and seek a new logic of layering, first made visible on a scale of 1:40.5 using classic yellow sticky notes. Post-its (as carriers) are employed here as mobile sculptural and architectural elements. By playing with a constantly changing arrangement of archival images and notes, the artists attempt to escape the rules of the grid: the exhibition. Through a certain "lightness," a fluctuating thought process is visualized.

By observing things that are close from a distance and things that are far up close, alternative practices are provoked. (Miyamoto Musashi, G.W, R.S.)








Thanks to Winnie Claessens.

Text by Rien&Gijs

Photos by Tomas Uyttendaele 

Video by Winnie Claessens

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