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Some, or all, have been a projection of Uhl’s mind - Karina Beumer

Karina Beumer's solo exhibition Some, or all, have been a projection of Uhl's mind begins in the labyrinth with Deep dark mountain thoughts (2020, video installation 07'54" (loop) sound by Igor Kłaczyński). With her head in her hand, the protagonist crawls from screen to screen.

In the second room, you walk among papier-mâché objects. These are scale models (one to forty and a half) from the Deep dark mountain thoughts set, but in peanut butter color. In this space, there are two extras; one is on the phone while looking through the window. She is so engaged in conversation that she doesn't notice any potential spectators. The second extra hides from this viewer. At best, this has the effect of making the viewer sense a presence but not see it. The third extra is in the space La tête du vent, le ruisseau de la forêt (2020, video installation 03'02'' (loop)). "We are, so to speak, suspended, drawn by an almost inaudible whisper, words frozen by the impressive authority of language." (Martial Défacieux on Karina Beumer's work) We are, so to speak, suspended, addressed by a kind of unintelligible whisper. Frozen words due to the imposing authority of language.

Text by Karina Beumer

Stills 'Deep dark mountain thoughts' by Karina Beumer

Videos by Winnie Claessens 

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