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Tussen twee wallen 

Tussen twee wallen 

18-21 May 

Het Steen & Het keizersbastion


The exhibition - "Tussen twee wallen" - has as its primary objective to create an 'in-situ' exhibition in two exceptional spaces:

  1. Het Steen: located on Steenplein and built between 1200 and 1225, it is the oldest preserved building in Antwerp and served as the gateway to the Antwerp castle. Throughout the centuries, it has remained an important geographical landmark within the city, and today it once again serves as a welcoming gate for travelers entering Antwerp via the Scheldt.

  2. Het Keizersbastion: a relatively unknown gem and archaeological site within the city. Through the underground parking garage at the National Bank, you can take an elevator or stairs to the -3 level and discover the site of the bastion. In the 16th century, on the orders of Emperor Charles, the Spanish Ramparts were built, which included 9 bastions. The Keizersbastion secured the nearby Keizerspoort and served as a ceremonial gateway to the Antwerp of that time

These places are connected because they are both transit points and important access points to the city. They carry a significant history with them, as throughout the centuries, all layers of the population entered the city of Antwerp through these bottleneck-like spaces.

For the exhibitions, four artists are invited to present their work in both spaces.

Winnie Claessens

Lydia Hannah Debeer & Margarita Maximova,

Fran Van Coppenolle

Hannelore Vandepoel

The emphasis in this search was placed on artists whom in their artistic practice, specifically their connection or affinity with a site-specific sensitivity and their ability to create three-dimensional, installation-based works. The artists themselves take control in realizing these spatial presentations. We let the artworks speak for themselves in these enticing spaces. The content of the exhibition is determined by the relationship that each artist establishes with the historical/archaeological sites.

In the space of 'Het Steen,' the central work presented is the painting 'The Lady at the Fish Market,' which is borrowed from the Rubenshuis. In the Bastion, the Ramparts themselves are the central piece that the artists engage with and relate to.

The exhibition has been made possible with financial support from Ivo Morris, Ferry Saris, and Fred&Ferry Gallery.

Furthermore, it was also a collaboration with Visit Antwerp, the Archaeological Department, and the Heritage Department of Antwerp.

Many thanks to: Katelijne Geerts, Karen Minsaer, Johan Veeckman, Bert Kuypers en Ruud Tiebos

Curated by Winnie Claessens

Photos by Arne Jennard & Younnes Faltakh

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