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26-29 May 2022

Lange nieuwstraat 106

2000 België

The group-exhibition ‘Praalzucht’ is an artist-run, ‘in situ’ exhibition located within the raw character of a vacant building in the commercial centre of Antwerp. For this exhibition there is no external curation or narrative. The content of the exhibition is built upon a spontaneous and organic collaboration between the organizers of the exhibition (Winnie Claessens, Isabel Fredeus and Octave Vandeweghe) in dialogue with the invited artists:

Hannelore Vandepoel,

Elleke Frijters,

Ben Van Den Broeck,

Lydia Hannah Debeer,

Warre Mulder,

Marta Galmozzi,

Sarah Van Marcke,

Liesbeth Henderickx,

Isabel Fredeus,

Winnie Claessens,

Octave Vandeweghe.

‘Praalzucht’ represents a visual cluster of artworks set within the context of an abandoned and desolate scenery, as if set in the ruins of the capitalist heart of a city. It is an exhibition that stands far from the concept of a white cube experience and invites the artists to work in relation to the stripped venue, creating a dynamic exhibition with the focus on: ‘in situ’, installation and three-dimensional work.

Curated by Winnie Claessens, Isabel Fredeus & Octave Vandeweghe

Photos by Sarah Van Marcke

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