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1:40,5 Pool


  1. Protect our water - please do not use the pool if you have had diarrhea in the past 2 weeks, or a disease communicable by water

  2. Shower your child and yourself. Take a cleansing shower before entering the pool or after using the toilet.

  3. Swimmers who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.

  4. Immune-compromised individuals should use caution when using a public pool.

  5. Water and alcohol don’t mix. No person under the influence of alcohol may use the pool.

  6. No running or rough play.

  7. No glass or plastic that will shatter.

  8. No food or drink in the pool.

  9. No diving allowed, except in the designated diving areas.

  10. No animals in the pool area.

Photos by Tomas Uyttendaele

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